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What can I do on the NCI ESGF data node?

Search Data Host a Project

ESGF is a federated network of data nodes. You can search for holdings on this node or across all nodes.

HAZARD NOTICE: We have located instances of incorrect attribute values in the indexes for data published on this node. Please be advised that search results may contain incorrect attribute values, and return incomplete/incorrect result sets. If the data you require cannot be located via this node, please utilise our general thredds server at:

We will soon unpublish and republish all data currently available through this node in order to rectify these issues, There may be outages of some datasets during this process. For enquiries please contact

Key projects on this node include:

  • CMIP5
  • GeoMIP
  • PMIP3

Key models include:

  • ACCESS 1_0
  • ACCESS 1_3
  • CSIRO-Mk3.6.0
  • CSIRO-Mk3L-1-2

Click on the project to view their data holdings. Note in most cases you do not need to join the project in order to search and download their data. Projects that do require membership will say so explicitly.

This ESGF-CoG Node comes bundled with the Earth System CoG Collboration Environment, which can be used to host projects in the Earth Sciences.

CoG projects are connected into networks, contain tools for collaboration, and metadata to describe project organization.


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